How to Donate


This year we have some new payment options!  You are welcome to donate to our scholarships and funds by check, as usual, or by PayPay or Credit Card, as many have done for branch events.  Both of these methods, while convenient, mean you are using post-tax money.

Using Pre-tax Money

Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds may be more advantageous, depending on your tax situation. You may be able to avoid paying capital gains tax on your profit while still getting a tax deduction if you itemize. Or, you can donate a portion of your IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution. You may be able to avoid paying tax on the amount while supporting AAUW’s programs.  As always, consult your financial and tax advisor to find out what’s best for your individual situation.

If you are interested in any of these pre-tax options, you can give your financial advisor the following information:

AAUW Vero Beach Account # 488989950
TD Ameritrade Broker Kyle Hatch – 800-454-5598
701 South Rosemary Avenue, Suite 103
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Then let us know at that you are donating pre-tax money and how you would like it allocated to the accounts below.

AAUW Vero Beach is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency.

If you have questions, contact Linda Barker at or 703-898-8260. Linda will be the Director for Development in our 2017-18 season and will help make your donation to women and girls in Indian River County easy.

There are 3 donation options, choose below to pay by PayPal or Credit Card or for more information:

  1. AAUW 9110 Fund
    The AAUW Fund is a general fund for unrestricted gifts, which are used when and where they are most needed. By donating to the AAUW Fund, you are helping incubate and grow AAUW’s highly successful programs.
    Click here to donate or click here for more information.
  2. Local Program Fund
    Our local program fund allows your AAUW Vero Beach Board of Directors to fund programs that help women and girls in Indian River County.
    Click here to donate or click here for more information.
  3. Scholarship Fund
    Although our local scholarships are paid from the Local Program Fund, many of our members like to fund scholarships alone.
    Click here to donate or click here for more information.

If you plan to pay by check, please print this form with your selections.
Mail this form and your check to:

AAUW Vero Beach
PO Box 2143
Vero Beach, FL  32961