Special Interest / Study Groups

For further information about a joining a specific group, contact Ursula Duguid (772-794-1667) who will liaison with that group’s chair.

Creative Writing Group

Our writers meet monthly at a restaurant or home to share and discuss their writing.  They periodically publish a book of their talents and all AAUW members are encouraged to submit their poetry or short stories.
Chairs alternate Monthly
Time and place to be announced

International Relations Group

This is a current world-events discussion group that examines topics provided by the Foreign Policy Association.  There are eight topics utilizing both written materials and a video at each meeting, with question and answer time.  It is a lively group  with approximately fifteen members.
Chair: Barbara Mandell, 702 794-1719
Fourth Monday of the month at 1:00 pm

Lunch Bunch 

Meets strictly for fun and good food.  It encourages new members to join in and get aquatic in an informal social atmosphere. They meet at a different restaurant each month.  A small donation is for collected for contribution toward scholarship funding.
Co-Chairs: Beverly Whiteley 702 257-5950,
Judy Powell 702 584-3228
Last Friday of each month Oct-May 11:30am

OCT 26, 2018 Squid Lips – 160 N Indian River Dr, Sebastian 772 589-3828
DEC 7, 2018 Riverside Cafe – 3342 Bridge Plaza, VB 772 234-5550
JAN 25, 2019 Italian Grill – 2180 58th Ave, VB 772 567-6640
FEB 22, 2019 American Icon Brewery – 1133 19th Place, VB 772 266-5507
MAR 29, 2019 INTI  – 2199 7th Ave, VB 772 257-6652
APR 26, 2019 Cajun Cove – 89 Royal Palm Pointe, VB 772 617-6359
MAY 24, 2019 CJ Cannons – 3414 Cherokee Dr, VB 772 567-7727

Members Helping Members

Need some help? (Or) Can you give some help?  If you have a problem such as a computer question, need a ride to an appointment or AAUW meeting, etc., call Joyce Burkett at 772 918-8267 to request a member to help or offer to be on the volunteer list. No long-term commitments, just whenever you can pitch in.  Please don’t be shy about asking for assistance, we all sometimes need a helping hand.

Public Policy

With the member-endorsed National Public Policy Program as our guide, AAUW uses Lobbying and grassroots efforts to push forward policies that break through educational barriers for women.  It is non-partisan and welcomes all voices.
Co-Chairs:  Jonnie Mae Perry 772 562-3609
Cate Wenzing 772 205-2118
Second Friday of each month at 1:30 PM

Reading Groups

There are currently 5 separate reading groups that meet at various times and locations.  The books vary by group and the discussions are always interesting and lively.  For group availability contact Ursula Dugard at 772 794-1667

Group 1
Chair: Elenor Wade  772 226-0834  dretwade@att.net
Third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am Sept-May

Group 2
Chair: Sheila Troob  772 794-5356  irvero@bellsouth.net
Second Wednesday of the month at 12:00 pm Oct-April

Group 3
Chair: Barbara Spelman, 703-851-0887  barbspelman@gmail.com
Third Monday of the month at 1:30 pm. Dec-April

Group 4
Co-Chairs: Jane Matyniak 772 217-3209  jane.matyniak@gmail.com
Kathleen Kalt 777 584-0012  Kathleen.a.Kaltgmail@gmail.com
Second Wednesday of the month at 1:30 pm Nov-April

Group 5
Co-Chairs: Linda MacDonald 772 234-3473  linmacd@gmail.com
Jackie Jacobus 772 492-1656  jjverobeach@aol.com
Second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Oct-May


Youth Mentors
Coordinator:  Christine Ryall 772 231-2591 drcryall @gmail.com
Members tutor elementary school children in cooperation with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Adult Literacy
Coordinator:  Linda Barker 772 257-5275
Members tutor an adult in reading or English as a second language in cooperation with the Literary Services of Indian River County.