Leadership 2017-2018

AAUW Board of Directors 2017-2018

Elected Officers (Executive Committee)

President:  Joyce Burkett
Co-Executive Vice Presidents: Lorrie Borchert and Avalon McGann
Co-Vice Presidents for Program: Rosemary Gagliardi and Barbara Lipton
Co-Vice Presidents for Membership: Suzanne Jones, Charlotte Jones
Recording Secretary – Linda Clerch
Corresponding Secretary: Gilda Barclay-Avelar
Treasurer:  Barb Spelman
Assistant Treasurer: Carole Strauss 

Appointed Officers

Director for Development:  Linda Barker
Director for Public Policy: Suzanne Jones
Parliamentarian, Chair of By-laws and Policies: Linda Clerch

Other Appointees

Adult Literacy/Tutoring:  Suzanne Jones
Ambassador at Large:  Jane Matinyak
Annual Financial Review:  Margaret Rocke
Book Review Breakfast Series Coordinator:  Dr. Jennifer Proper and
Jonnie Mae Perry
Co-Chair, Book-Author Luncheon:  Sally Fitzgerald and Becki Manning
Co-Directors for Communications:  Diane Sattler and Elaine Spooner
Director for Member Interests:  Ursula Duguid
Cultural Council Representative: Jane Kreizman
Director for Member Interests:  Ursula Duguid
Director for Scholarships: Carla Calwell
Director for Social Media:  Leah Blythe LoPresti
Director of STEM: Linda Clerch
Editor, Newsletter:  Gail DeGioia
Email Correspondent:  Joyce Burkett

University Liaison: Lois Miles
Webmaster:  Carla Flournoy
Youth Tutoring:  Martha Habeshian